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Shanghai BIT Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in producing aluminum electrolytic capacitor for automobile charging pile, stud welding machine, inverter, frequency converter, power supply etc. Products includes screw terminal type aluminum electrolytic capacitor,snap-in type aluminum electrolytic capacitor, radial lead type aluminum electrolytic capacitors, SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

With Our local engineers and Japanese engineers nearly 10 years of joint efforts, we have advanced technology in manufacturing small size, ultra small size, high temperature resistant, resistant to high pressure, high ripple current, high frequency aluminum electrolytic capacitors. In 2009, the company passed ISO9001:2000 certification, and our company is managed strictly according to the quality system . Get SGS certification, to ensure compliance with RoHS standards. And cooperate with some companies to complete the UL certification.
In 2012, our company has been the first enterprise in the country to develop a special aluminum electrolytic capacitor for charging pile, and in early 2015 launched the world's first special aluminum electrolytic capacitor series for car charging pile. The series is suitable for different regions, different environments, different altitudes, and fills the gaps in the domestic.
The products include high frequency low resistance aluminum electrolytic capacitor , resistance to large ripple aluminum electrolytic capacitor, small volume of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, ultra small size aluminum electrolytic capacitors, low leakage aluminum electrolytic capacitor, high voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitor, super high voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitor, super high temperature aluminum electrolytic capacitor, long life aluminum electrolytic capacitor, long life aluminum electrolytic capacitor ;Those products has obvious professional advantages in the market;
"Highest quality, moderate price, fast delivery, quality service" is our company's commitment to customers forever.