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Why us?


  1. We are international famous manufacturers, have first-class electrolytic capacitor equipment, radial lead electrolytic capacitor 180 million per month, SMD electrolytic capacitors 170 million per month, screw terminal electrolytic capacitor 5 million per month, snap in electrolytic capacitor 30 million per month, We can guarantee supply



   2. All electrolytic capacitors from raw materials procurement to finished products have been strictly tested, all transparent,  ensure the safe use of the product, ensure quality;



    3. Professional R & D personnel to provide technical support to ensure that customers choose the appropriate electrolytic capacitor, to ensure pre-sales and after-sales service



    4. Delivery period of 7 to 9 days, fast delivery, the industry average delivery period of about 15 days. We can guarantee the delivery period.



   5.  We have a good reputation in the industry, with internationally renowned customers, to ensure the high level of product technology.