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matters about purchasing snap in electrolytic capacitor

Writer:Jack FangSource:BIT CAP Center Date:2017-11-15 15:46:10



For some procurement and engineers, when purchasing snap in type aluminum electrolytic capacitor, do not know how to judge the snap-in type aluminum


electrolytic capacitor BIT electrolytic capacitors based on 20 years of aluminum electrolytic capacitors R & D experience, summed up the following


several customers often encounter;



1 Voltage and capacity of snap-in type aluminum electrolytic capacitors;


Without any doubt, for engineer , voltage and capacitance are the primary things to consider. Voltage often refers to rated voltage, that is to say,


working voltage. When choosing snap in type aluminum electrolytic capacitor,engineers often choose higher voltage grade;


For example, if voltage of the circuit is 400v , 450v snap in type aluminum electrolytic capacitor is preferred;


 The capacity for snap in type aluminum electrolytic capacitor, the product logo is generally rated capacity, the actual capacity, according to


international standards, the general error is -20%~+20%, in general,if  the capacity of error is less, the price will be higher, aluminum electrolytic


capacitor capacity error of Shanghai BITCAP technology center, is generally -8%~+8%.


2 Life of snap in type aluminum electrolytic capacitor


   Snap in type aluminum electrolytic capacitor is industrial consumables .In actual procurement activities , customers generally pay attention to voltage


and capacity, less attention to capacitor life; in fact, capacitor voltage and capacity is to ensure usage, life of the capacitor, determines how long


capacitor can use ; when it comes to life, you can not fail to mention the temperature , the life of the capacitor is closely related with temperature ;


according to the Shanghai BITCAP technology center, now the mainstream capacitor life are as follows:




According to the actual needs of the machine , you can choose relative snap in type aluminum electrolytic capacitor; There is a point to notice, when


using the capacitor ,working temperature can not exceed rated temperature; If working temperature exceed rated temperature,the electrolytic capacitor will


lose its life,thus the machine can not use any more; While some brands capacitors,after detached from machine, when installed in other machine,this


second-hand electrolytic capacitor can be also used, but its life is reduced;


3 Leakage current of snap in type aluminum electrolytic capacitor;


From leakage current, we can see the level of electrolytic capacitor manufacturing process. The lower leakage current,the better electrolytic capacitor;


large leakage current, will reduce the life of the capacitor,thus reduce the circuit life;l


4 Ripple current of snap in  electrolytic capacitor


Ripple current of snap in electrolytic capacitor, refers to the provision of effective value of maximum allowable frequency alternating current, for


electrolytic capacitor manufacturers, if rated ripple current is larger, indicating that the production of snap in capacitor performance is excellent, the


durability of the capacitor is longer. If the circuit ripple current is higher than rated ripple current, the capacitor is easy to lose its performance;


Taking the snap in capacitor of BIT as an example, the temperature correction factor of the ripple current of 105 degrees  electrolytic capacitor  is as





5 other indicators of snap in electrolytic capacitor


Some engineers in the actual selection of snap in capacitor, but also pay attention to the following parameters of electrolytic capacitor:


ESR: the equivalent series resistance of electrolytic capacitors, many circuits require low impedance capacitance, so for the snap in electrolytic 


 capacitor, low impedance is also a necessary requirement;


Loss value: the loss value of snap in  capacitor reflects the magnitude of the active power consumed by the aluminum electrolytic capacitor in the


circuit, and the smaller the index, the better the specific circuit.


According to the above parameters of snap in capacitor, we suggest that customers should pay attention to the following points in the selection of snap in


type aluminum electrolytic capacitors:


1 snap in capacitor itself parameters: voltage, capacity, temperature, life, leakage current and other parameters, of which the first four things are the

most important;


2: Refuse second-hand capacitor, although second hand capacitor is cheap, quality accident is easy to happen, once  capacitor failure occurs, the entire

circuit board will destroy, quality assurance is also very troublesome later.


3 choice: factory cooperation can not only guarantee the delivery, and can guarantee the quality, the factory can also provide aluminum electrolytic

capacitor according to customers demands, the quality can be guaranteed after sales;